Puppy Contract



Christian and Marlise Ricker, as professional retriever breeders, uphold two primary commitments:  

Priority One: To enhance the breed by ensuring the dam and sire of each litter undergo comprehensive health testing, to produce intelligent, healthy retrievers.  

Priority Two: To ensure our puppies are placed in homes that will love and care for the pup properly its entire life.  


Your puppy will come with a 27-month genetic hip and elbow guarantee, dewclaws removed, de-worming, up-to-date shots, vet examined, microchipped, and AKC Full Registration.  


A deposit is required to secure your position in the picking order for the litter you have selected. Puppies are chosen based on their sex and color. If the number of puppies in the litter is less than your position in the picking order, you have two options:  

Waiting List: You can choose to be placed on a waiting list for the next available litter that meets your preferences.  

Refund: You can opt to have your deposit fully refunded.  


The order in which puppies are chosen is determined by the sequence in which we receive deposits along with the completed contract for your specific litter.  


Bold Bay Retrievers guarantees your pup will have a hip rating of fair, good, or excellent as well as an elbows rating of normal. Hips/elbows must be x-rayed by a veterinarian according to OFA guidelines and the films submitted to the OFA. Female radiographs must not be taken pre or post 30 days of her heat cycle. For information on OFA please visit their website at www.offa.org.  

Guarantee requirements: 

  • Your puppy must be registered within 30 days of the puppy turning 8 weeks old.  
  • OFA hips and elbows must be submitted and completed by the age of 27 months.  
  • You must feed your puppy Purina Pro Plan Puppy until your puppy is 12 months old.  
  • The dog cannot be bred before 27 months of age.  
  • Verification of a vet visit within 24-72 business hours after the puppy has been transferred into your care from Bold Bay Retrievers.  

In the event OFA results require implementation of the guarantee the following verification and/or documentation will need to be provided:  

  o   Veterinarian verification the dog is, or was not obese or otherwise improperly fed. Nor signs or evidence of injury or trauma.  

  o   If the dog is not being returned to Bold Bay Retrievers, the dog must be spayed or neutered at the owners' expense, and proof of the procedure must be provided to Bold Bay Retrievers.  


The Bold Bay Retriever guarantee policy covers a refund of the purchase price of the puppy. Any and all other expenses, including but not limited to, veterinarian fees, testing fees, medical expenses or transportation are not covered by the guarantee nor eligible for refund. All guarantee requirements must be met.  


Although it is not mandated, Bold Bay Retrievers believes it is a respectable practice to recognize the breeder when selecting the official AKC registered name by including the breeders’ company name. Should you use “Bold Bay” in the official naming of your pup, we offer our genuine gratitude and our warmest “Thank You” for the acknowledgment.  

Initial Guarantee _________


This agreement is made between Bold Bay Retrievers (Seller)  



Buyer(s) ________________________________________________________________________  


Address ________________________________________________________________________  


City, State, Zip __________________________________________ ________________________  


Home#______________________________ Cell#____________________________________  


Email ________________________________________________________________________  


On this ___________ day of _____________ 20__ for the purpose of setting forth the terms and conditions of the purchase of a purebred Labrador Retriever from the upcoming litter out of:  


Sire: An Arrow From The Shore MH     (and)     Dam: Bold Bays Playin' with Magic SH  


The Purchase price is $3,000. The Seller agrees to sell and the Buyer agrees to purchase a (choose one):  

female ______ (Chocolate ___1, ___2, ___3 / Black ___1,  ___2, ___3)  

male ______    (Chocolate ___1, ___2, ___3 / Black ___1,  ___2, ___3)                              


  • Buyer has read and understands the puppy guarantee and all other information on page 1 (one) of this 2 (two) page contract.
  • Seller warrants that the above-described puppy/dog is a purebred Labrador Retriever registerable with the AKC. Registration papers will be provided to the buyer upon delivery of the pup.
  •  Ownership of the puppy will be transferred to the buyer for the sale price of $3,000. To be paid as follows:
Deposit: A deposit of $500 is required to secure this contract.
Balance Payment: The remaining balance of $2,500 must be paid on or before the puppy reaches 6 weeks of age. 
Accepted Payment Methods: Payments can be made via check (made out to Christian Ricker) or through an electronic payment platform such as Venmo, Zelle, PayPal, or other pre-approved systems.   
Default on Payment: If the balance is not paid within 6 weeks of the puppy’s birth date, this agreement will be considered void, and the buyer will forfeit the deposit. 
  • Deposit Forfeiture: If the buyer decides to cancel the purchase for any reason, they may forfeit the deposit. 
Deposit Refund Contingency: If Bold Bay Retrievers successfully resells the puppy, the refunded deposit amount may be prorated. This refund will depend on the difference between the original sale price and the resale price, as well as any adjustments based on the original sale timeline. 


  • If special delivery is requested/required by the buyer, and air or other freight is required, the buyer is responsible for any and all applicable fees.  
  • Buyer agrees that the purchase of this puppy/dog is for personal, not commercial, purposes. Buyer will not act as an intermediary or agent for further sale. Furthermore, the buyer agrees not to sell or give this puppy/dog, or any of its progeny, to pet stores, commercial breeding facilities, or for use in security services (including but not limited to guard or bomb detection roles).


This agreement is made and signed by both parties to ensure the well-being and protection of this puppy/dog. If the buyer breaches any part of this agreement, the seller is released from any obligations under this agreement.  




BY:________________________________________________________________  Seller DATE:_____________  


BY:________________________________________________________________  Buyer DATE:_____________ 


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